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23 May 1994

Say my name, and every colour it illuminates
30 seconds to mars, angelina jolie, anna sui, anorexia, antm, ballet pumps, björk, blackberry, blink 182, bloc party, bloom, blue october, bobbi brown, bourjois, brand new, brangelina, breaking benjamin, breaking dawn, bulimia, celebrity gossip, chanel, chocolate, christian dior, cobra starship, coldplay, cosmetics, covergirl, crystals, cupcakes, daniel radcliffe, death cab for cutie, dido, dj craze, dope, draco malfoy, draco malfoy icons, dresses, drums, eclipse, edwardcullen, eminem, emo, emo boys, eyeliner, fall out boy, faux lashes, fred weasley, friends, gavin degraw, gems, george weasley, gisele, glamour, glitter, gossip, green, green day, gryffindor, gucci, guess, gwen stefani, gym class heroes, hard candy, harry potter, hayley williams, heath ledger, heidi klum, hermione granger, hinder, hip hop, hogwarts, hoobastank, janice dickinson, jared leto, jewels, jimmy eat world, joel madden, john mayer, joker, jonas brothers, josh groban, justin timberlake, keane, lindsay lohan, liquid liner, love, lv, lyrics, m.a.c., m.i.a., macdonalds, mary kate olsen, memes, miley cyrus, motion city soundtrack, mtv, muffins, musk, my chemical romance, my super sweet 16, neville longbottom, new moon, new order, nicky hilton, nicole richie, nine inch nails, orange, panic! at the disco, papa roach, paris and nicole, paris hilton, pedicures, pharrell williams, photography, pink, pink floyd, poetry, polkadots, radiohead, rap, rihanna, road rules, ron weasley, rupert grint, salvatore ferragamo, secondhand serenade, shu uemura, sleep, stila, strawberry shortcake, subway, supermodels, t.i., tanning, the academy is..., the all-american rejects, the beatles, the doors, the fray, the killers, the used, timbaland, tinkerbell, tom felton, twilight, us weekly, wentworth miller, zac efron, zara.